Saturday, December 19, 2009

Melissa Esplin: cute as a button

Melissa Esplin is the cutest thing ever! I'm not kidding either, and if you doubt me, go check out her blog. I know you'll love it and fall in love with her sense of style and amazing calligraphy.

Melissa is new to digital scrapbooking design, but not design, She graduated in Painting & Drawing in 2007 from BYU, but design is what got her through school: "I got 4 years of graphic design experience by the time I left college, and towards the end of my schooling my work looked more like a designer's than a painter's. My BFA show was created entirely in Illustrator." Thats a girl after my own heart!

She also says, "My love for illustrator and Adobe's Creative Suite runs deep. Illustrator is like my bestest friend, like the one that knows exactly what you're saying when you're not saying anything." I agree Melissa, I agree.

If you've already checked out her amazing blog, you would know that she also loves things like
photography, painting, bookbinding, sewing, blogging, bike riding and being a mama. This girl is one talented lady, her sewing projects are my favorite, I just need to have her give me lessons!

Melissa is excited to be designing for DHD and learning more about digital scrapbooking and trust me, we are excited for her to be joining our awesome team of designers.

Okay this is the last plug for her blog, but seriously, you have to check out this freebie:

She made this adorable printable "Christmas Candy Box" and is giving it away free on her blog. The thing I like best about it is that you could use it any time of year. She's so clever!

Since she's a new name in digi, be sure to give her a hearty hello so that she feels welcome among us crazy ladies (and gentlemen)!

Less than 2 weeks till launch! see you there :)


  1. SO happy to meet you Melissa - I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  2. Thanks for the sweet introduction! I'm anxiously awaiting the launch, it's going to be awesome!